Types of financial support offered by FPSA

FPSA's grants and bursaries meet the needs of a growing and diverse workforce that delivers acute mental and preventative health services to adolescents. This financial help reflects our policy to encourage the professional development of services for adolescents through the funding of approved courses, relevant research and conferences.  Each applicant must be employed to do mental health work.  Full-time students are not eligible to apply.  Grants for career change related courses are not eligible for funding.

Applying for funding: a multi-disciplinary approach:

FPSA supports voluntary, statutory and independent sectors. We embrace a multi-disciplinary approach and way of working, so we are committed to funding a wide range of individuals and teams including experienced and academic practitioners, support staff, carers and young service users.
We will consider applications ranging from innovative and new ways of working through to developing established agencies and procedures.

Supporting frontline service delivery staff

We want to develop our appreciation and understanding of the needs of frontline service delivery staff and to better assess and meet their needs with practical, accessible and appropriate opportunities. This includes supporting skills development and progression planning in services, and staff team development sessions for Tier 3 and 4 services (public, private and third sector organisations).

Funding process update:

Due to the increasing and unprecedented quantity of applications and in order to use FPSA funds in a fair and equitable manner, the trustees have decided to review the processing of applications.

Applications Timeline 2022

Deadline 1 - 30th April, Trustee meeting 6th May 2022, response within 5 working days of meeting (CLOSED)
Deadline 2 - 31st August, Trustee meeting 9th September 2022, response within 5 working days of meeting
Deadline 3 - 31st December, Trustee meeting TBC January 2023, response within 5 working days of meeting

There is a limit to the funds available in each period.

Application criteria for FPSA awards

Applications must show how they explore creative and flexible ways to improve mental health services for adolescents and what the direct benefit to young people (aged 11-18) will be. All applicants must deliver a post-grant report.

FPSA will consider funding for:

  • UK Conference bursaries - for an individual up to £1,200 to cover conference fees, travel, accommodation and sustenance.  For conferences outside of the UK, awards may be made up to £1,500
  • Academic courses - the trustees will only consider one academic year at a time. These applications must be received by 30th April of the same year
  • Other courses
  • Conferences and training days organised by local Tier 3 and 4 services - awards of up to £6,000 per application
  • Research and clinical audit by individuals - awards of up to £2,000 per application for small research or clinical audit projects and proposals that must relate to adolescent work, frontline practice and be of clinical benefit (stipulations of relevancy must be provided)
  • Time limited provision of Clinical Supervision where it is necessary to establish a new clinical intervention (maximum 1 year)
  • Consultation
  • Innovation
  • Travel
  • Discretionary
FPSA does not accept applications for the following:

  • Courses that have already been paid for or have already started
  • PhD’s
  • Masters that are not clinically related
  • Professional state registrable qualification courses e.g. Art Psychotherapy, Registered Social Work, Clinical Psychology Qualification
  • Courses primarily aimed at working with younger children
  • Courses primarily aimed at facilitating a career change
  • Supervision courses
  • Supervisory skills
  • Academic institution fees, professional body fees, exam fees
  • Books, publications
Reasons your application maybe rejected:  not adhering to the guidance notes, incomplete application including unsuitable references, absence of a clear breakdown of costs, lack of a personal statement, please note that personal statements must give information on service focus.

Every application will be considered by the committee on its on merit.  The amount awarded may vary on the number of applications pending and on resources available however, the maximum per year per person is £3,000.00.  FPSA do not provide retrospective funding, if you have already paid for a course, training or conference you cannot apply for funding.  Similarly, applications which are submitted after their start date will not be considered whether paid in full or part.
If you are unsure whether your application for an award will meet the FPSA criteria, please contact the Secretariat (email: secretariat@foundationpsa.org.uk or tel:  01295 750 182).
Please make sure your application has been submitted to the website within the deadlines stated (exceptions may be made for conferences). 

Please print these GUIDANCE NOTES 2022 to help you with the application process or use these if you are self employed Guidance for applicants who are self-employed

To apply, please click here.

Applying for Funding

The Foundation for Professionals in Services to Adolescents (FPSA) offers funding for relevant courses, conferences and training. Find out who can apply now. FPSA do not provide retrospective funding, if you have already paid for a course, training or conference you cannot apply for funding. Please check the deadlines for applications before you submit.

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